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Snapchat Strategy – The Ultimate Guide for Success on the Popular Social Networking Platform

Welcome to Snapchat Strategy. We aim to provide you with top notch resources to up your social media game on this wildly popular network. Whether you’re a business working on developing your online marketing strategy, a celebrity or personality who would like to increase your number of followers and subscribers, or even a single person who would like to explore another avenue to line up dates and sex, we’ve got you covered with our easy to use and follow guide.

Snapchat for Business

Depending on which industry you’re in, adding Snapchat to your marketing and advertising arsenal can add huge value to your operations. This is especially true if your business targets a younger demographic. 

Industries who have found large followings on Snapchat include cosmetics (ie makeup, perfume), entertainment and celebrity news, as well as pretty much anything else that’s targeted towards women. The fact is, the majority of Snap chatters are young women under the age of 35. Men make up a much smaller size of the overall ecosystem.

As Snapchat is a less formal environment, the positioning of your message should vary quite a bit in comparison to the other platforms you may be utilizing. This is because the Snapchat environment is a much more casual, fun and playful atmosphere.

Many tools designed specifically for helping your business create and maintain its brand, and its all built right into the app.

If you’d like to instantly tap into the millions of young millennial users who are all eagerly awaiting to hear what you have to offer, all you have to do is set up a Snapchat for Business account. Its very easy, and best of all its completely free to get started right now.

The first step is to download the actual Snapchat app from either the Google Play Store, the Apple App store, The Microsoft Windows store, or the Amazon Kindle store.

If you’ve never used Snapchat before, then you’ll have to sign up for the service. Registering your account is simple and easy, and of course there is no cost as anyone can sign up 100% free.

Once you have your free account, you’ll need to set up a business account. Its just as easy and only takes a couple of clicks. Once you access the ad manager, you can create your campaigns in just a few easy steps.

Once everything is set up, you’ll want to promote your Snapchat username. This can be done strategically and simply if you have other social media accounts with followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Another great feature is the SnapCode. This essentially works the exact same way as a QR code.

This sums of the basic requirements for getting the ball rolling on Snap as a business owner. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we would love to hear from you. We would also love to showcase some of our readers examples for others to see. Send us your Snapchat username and we’ll be glad to feature you on our website.

Snapchat for Celebrities and Public Personalities

If you’re a celebrity or other prominent public figure, you’re in luck. Snapchat is not only an excellent platform to help spread awareness to your personal brand and message, but they are fighting tooth and nail to attract influencers just like you to their platform.

Competing directly with Instagram and Facebook, Snap, Inc. has decided to share more data with its influencers in order to assist with creating additional benefits such as revenue streams through partnerships. This allows brands who are looking for influencers to promote their products insight into the types of audience demographics that a specific username reaches. CNN has written a great article outlining the data provided in more detail.

Snapchat, although one of the newer social media platforms to hit the app stores, has already garnered attention from such celebrities such as DJ Khaled, considered to be an early adopter of the platform. His snaps have already created stir and controversy, causing many people to question the transparency of things like product placement. For example, he’s created multiple snaps including the soap brand Dove, including their deodorant products.

Although there are still many challenges and features that are still unavailable, we think its worth getting in early and building your fan base. Snapchat is still not as feature rich as its rivals like Instagram and Facebook (who allow you to see the number of followers you have), things are being improved on a regular basis.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to download the app and create your free account.

Snapchat for Singles

If you’re under the age of 35, single, and ready to mingle, then you’re in luck! From our experience and tests that we’ve run, we have determined Snapchat to be a great app for dating and hookups. In fact, sexting is actually what put Snapchat on the map due to the controversy created by the topic.

In fact, for a long time, Snapchat was basically known as a sexting app.

Just as most things evolved, so has the use of social media apps like Snapchat. Many users are now moving from solely using it for cybersex, sending nudes, and sexting, and are now actually using it to arrange meetings in real life for casual sex. Its estimated that over 40% of Snapchat users regularly use the app to find new sex partners.

This definitely sounds fun and exciting, however, before you jump right in, we highly advise you take safety precautions due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We recommend things like frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer, and even wearing your mask while engaging in sexual activity with someone new. This is in addition to safe sex practices like wearing condoms and birth control.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten the safety tips out of the way, you’re probably wondering how to go about locating other people who are interested in a casual sex hookup on Snapchat.

An up and coming adult social networking site, Fuckbook, has noticed this trend and has capitalized on the opportunity. They’ve created a Snapchat directory of users who have voluntarily added their usernames to the database in the hopes of finding someone new to engage in sexual activities with, such as trading naked pictures. The demographics range from single men and women, to married and attached people looking for extra marital affairs or just a little something on the side for those dry spells.

You can choose how much or how little information you’d like to include in the directory. Common tags include filters such as straight/gay/bisexual, as well as single or attached. You can also set the type of relationship you’re looking for, whether its a onetime, quick, no strings attached night of fun, or an ongoing sexual relationship. The choices are completely up to you, and with the sheer number of users looking for the same thing, you’re bound to connect with someone like-minded very quickly.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Snapchat Nudes now and start sexting or having sex with someone new today!

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